Low Isles PIP count Mar 2013

Another round of thanks to Low Isles Caretakers Wayne and Jenni and count volunteers. They recorded 1,988 PIPs for their March count, the last scheduled count for this season.


Photo above thanks to Wayne and Jenni. Lots more of their beautiful photos can be seen on their “Low Isles Lighthouse” Facebook page.

Any PIPs in your area now? March 2013

If you’ve been seeing PIPs in your area over the past few months, can you check whether they are they still around now? Yes or no? Either way, please put in a PIP Observation report.

Your reports will help increase the understanding of PIP departure patterns at the end of the breeding season. Presence and absence records are important, especially for “tailenders” at this stage of the PIP season.

Please report other interesting PIP Observations too, and any late PIP nests you might notice.