First PIP nest of the season for Townsville Oct 2013

On 18 October two PIPs were spotted building a new nest – thank you Cecily!

A week later incubation was under way, as shown in the photo below – thank you Jenny!

First PIP nest of the season for Townsville

We’ve had very few reported PIP sightings around Townsville so far and this nest is very welcome news.

Also of interest, its in the same tree that hosted a PIP nest last season. Are these the same birds as last season? That does seem likely, although we’ll never know for sure.

Low Isles PIP count Oct 2013

The second count of the season for Low Isles took place on 12 October, with the benefit of fine clear weather.

The count team reported a total of 16,119 PIPs flying in to the island.

Many thanks to Low Isles Caretakers Wayne and Jenni for organising the count, and to this month’s count team: Grant, Noela, Val, Doon, Deb, Steve, Danora, Ian, Leanne and Julie.

Ten new nests in Cairns Oct 2013

The first Cairns nests of the season were reported to PIPwatch during late September – congratulations and a big thank you to Brian, and thanks also to Dick for extra information.

Long-time PIPwatch champion Brian has now (end of first week of Oct) recorded a total of 10 nests around Cairns.

Has anyone else spotted new PIP nests elsewhere?

If you find a nest, please put in a Nest Report as soon as possible!