Green Island PIP count Nov 2013

Gerry and Carolyn reported just over 6,600 incoming PIPs at Green Island On the last day of November. Their totals were 6,657 and 6,629 for concurrent independent counts.

A Green Island count had been planned for earlier in the month but did not work out. It looked as if this month would be missed entirely… but in the nick of time Gerry and Carolyn stepped in – BIG thank you!

Low Isles PIP count Nov 2013

Low Isles Caretakers Wayne and Jenni conducted their third count of the season with another enthusiastic team of volunteers. They reported a total of 22,942 PIPs flying in to the island on November 12. Many thanks to all.

And yes, 22,942 was the official number. That’s not quite what you see in the photo below because the ‘4’ and the ‘9’ somehow ended up out of sequence when the team lined up in front of the camera ;)


North Brook Island PIP count Nov 2013

Mid November saw Parks and Wildlife personnel and regular count volunteers heading out by boat to conduct the second count of the season at North Brook Island.


The team counted a total of 20,151 PIPs flying in to the island, a big increase from the previous count in early October.  Many thanks to everyone in the count team, and extra thanks to Liz for reporting and to John for the photos.

You can also read Liz’s delightful blog post the beauty of a Pied Imperial-pigeon count and read her full account here.