Green Island PIP count Dec 2013

Another big round of thanks to Gerry and Carolyn who again made a special trip out to ensure the monthly Green Island count was not missed.

Gerry and Carolyn reported a total of 7,168/7,201 incoming PIPs (concurrent independent counts) on 28 December 2013.

They noticed many PIPs seemed to be returning to the island later than usual, possibly due to the calm, bright conditions that evening.

North Brook Island PIP count Dec 2013

Many thanks to John for this news report:

“Marine National Parks, Cardwell, organised the last of this season’s PIP counts for North Brook Island.

The count took place on 12th December 2013 and comprised a party of seven – four counters, Margaret Thorsborne and the boat skipper.

It was a beautiful clear day and a count of 22,494 incoming and 2,516 outgoing PIPs was obtained.”