Low Isles PIP count Jan 2014

On January 25 the count team at Low Isles reported a total of 28,903 incoming PIPs. This count was later in the month than usual, due to bad weather on the originally scheduled date.

Many thanks again to Low Isles Caretakers who do a wonderful job looking after the island, including conducting monthly PIP counts with the help of a great team of volunteers. More thanks to January counters Julie, Julie, Sophie, Jenni and Bella.


Green Island PIP count Jan 2014

Gerry and Carolyn quickly organised a count trip on January 18 when the weather cleared after a very rainy week in Cairns.

This month their count was just over 8,000 incoming PIPs – very good news.

Many thanks to Gerry and Carolyn who are doing regular Green Island counts entirely by their own efforts.