PIP/TIP evening at Port Douglas on 2 December

Low Isles Preservation Society (LIPS) will host an evening in Port Douglas to focus on Far North Queensland’s “Flying Superstars” a.k.a Torres Strait Pigeons / Pied Imperial Pigeons.

When: Wednesday 2 December, starting 7 PM
Where: The Clink Theatre, Port Douglas

There will be a screening of a new documentary “Coming of the White Birds”, about the conservation effort started 50 years ago, when Torres Strait Pigeons were almost wiped out at some of their breeding colonies. The film will be followed by an update about the pigeons at Low Isles, recent counts, research and monitoring.

This will be an informal evening with time for discussion and catching up with friends of Low Isles and its wonderful wildlife. All welcome.

PIP count & film 21 November Mission Beach

Starting 1.30pm at C4 Centre, Mission Beach, includes a film screening: “The Coming of the White Birds” (read more here) and information session for count volunteers. Everyone is welcome. Participating as a counter is optional. All help will be much appreciated. Please see below to register.

Following the briefing, all counters disperse to their allocated sites and watch from 4 pm to dusk, counting any pigeons flying out from the shoreline towards island roosting sites.

After the count there is an informal get-together over dinner. Most counters stay overnight and of course Mission Beach offers plenty of accommodation options.

If you can help with counting, please register with Trish.

‘Beach Bird Secrets’ workshop 18 November

Birdlife Australia is running a free workshop about shorebirds (not PIPs/TIPs) in Mission Beach on 18 November.

The day will including presentations about the amazing adaptations of shorebirds, how to identify them, and a field trip to practice your new skills. Download workshop details here.

The workshop is a great opportunity for everyone interested in shorebirds and their protection, and the date fits in nicely just before the Mission Beach PIP count on November 21.