PIPs return to Cairns – what about YOUR area? Aug 2014

During the first week of August a small group of PIPs was sighted flying past Cape Weymouth (thanks Brian) and one PIP spotted at Low Isles (thanks Jenni). During the second week a solitary PIP was seen on two occasions at Wonga (thanks Gary) and two PIPs were spotted flying past Cairns Esplanade (thanks Graham!).

The earliest sightings could perhaps have been stragglers that remained in Queensland over winter (after the majority had migrated to PNG for their short winter break) but a ‘new season’ was clearly under way during the second half of August.

More PIPs were spotted in and around Cairns and a few at Green Island during the third week of August (thanks Gerry, Carolyn, Brian and Graham) although there were only small numbers and widely scattered observations.

The first report for Townsville came in right at the end of the month (thanks Jenny) but as yet none further south.

When you see your first PIPs of the season, please put in a report here.