Coast count 2023 – can you help?

Photo copyright Scott Ritchie

The new TIP season has started! Target dates for 2023 counts are 17, 18 and 19 November. If those days are unsuitable for you, any nearby dates can be substituted.

It’s most valuable if you repeat your count on 2 or 3 successive days, and if possible repeat your count in mid-December and mid-January. If you counted the same site previously, please try to count near the same day of the month each time.

This Birdlife Citizen Science project is gathering long-term data about Torresian Imperial Pigeons (TIPs) in Queensland. These birds, also known as Pied imperial pigeons (PIPs) or Torres Strait Pigeons, have a hugely important ecological role in dispersing seeds of our native forest fruits. Read more here:

The current round of counts, guidelines and data sheets

Background about these special birds