PIPs/TIPs are back for the new season 😊

First reports for the 2023-24 breeding season came from Torres Strait. Flocks of 20 to 50 were seen winging their way south from early August through September, often flying very low over the sea, heading into extremely strong winds.

People in and around Cairns began reporting TIP flocks from mid August. Even earlier in July a few individuals had been sighted but the latter were likely stragglers that had missed the winter migration.

The first TIP nests in Cairns were spotted in early September and almost a hundred had been recorded by early October.

Townsville’s first sighting was reported at the end of August. The first nest was spotted in mid-September, with another in late September.

Many thanks to early-season reporters Jon, Bernie, Brian, Shane, Carolyn, Gerry and Jenny!

Photo: Julia Hazel