North Brook Island PIP count Dec 2012

The December count at North Brook Island was delayed twice by bad weather. The count team of Marine Parks staff and volunteers succeeded on their third attempt (December 19) when they reached the island safely, monitored the afternoon return flight and reported a count of 21,088 PIPs.

Congratulations to the Cardwell team for their persistence despite adverse weather. Maintaining the December count each year is very important because December counts are used for monitoring long-term trends in PIP numbers.

Green Island PIP count Dec 2012

On 8 December Gerry and Carolyn made two independent counts of PIPs returning to Green Island from 3.15pm until dark. They recorded 6,619 and 6,624 PIPs respectively.

Many thanks to Gerry and Carolyn for keeping the counts going after the recent departure of Ranger Aaron.

Green Island photo courtesy Wikepedia Commons