Green Island PIP count Nov 2014

Green Island PIPs seem to have delayed starting their nests according to anecdotal reports, as is the case at Low Isles.

However the number of PIPs roosting on the island appears little changed from last month and hopefully nesting will begin soon.

Concurrent independent counts reported 5559 / 5580 PIPs flying in to Green Island on the afternoon of 21 November.

Another BIG thank-you to Gerry and Carolyn!

Low Isles PIP count Nov 2014

The November PIP count at Low Isles recorded a total of 16,152 PIPs flying in from 4PM until dark.

The Low Isles PIPs have delayed their nest building this season. Local PIP watchers have been speculating that the birds might be waiting for rain. It has been VERY dry so far. Hopefully the birds will soon get started on their normal breeding activity.


Many thanks to this month’s team of volunteer counters (above), the wonderful Low Isles Caretakers Wayne and Jenni, and the Wavedancer crew and Quicksilver Cruises who provided transport for the count team.